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More Details about our Commercial & Industrial Property Cleaning.

How our Commercial Cleaning Service Works.

It all depends on your preferences and the needs of your facility. The cleaning session can cover the entirety of your commercial space or focus on specific areas that need attention the most.

You just need to specify the number of cleaners and the time they will spend working at your place.

Also, they can either work with detergents and equipment available at your property or you can request for them to bring their own for an additional fee.

#1. Contact Us

Our customer care staff will gladly answer all your questions and offer you advice regarding how many cleaners and hours of work you should book.

#2. Cleaning Session

Your cleaner (or team of cleaners) will come to your address at a day and time that are convenient for you and get to work right away, following a default checklist of priority areas or one that you have made yourself.

#3. Outstanding Results

At the end of the service, the cleaners will even ask you to inspect the work they’ve done, and any feedback is welcome.

IMPORTANT: We recommend scheduling an after building cleaning session about 24 hours after the renovation project has been completed. This is done to ensure the best possible results.

While the specialists are still able to clean certain areas or an entire storey if the builders are still present, your property may be once again soiled by any subsequent construction work.

Contact our Team below with your specific requirements. 

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Same-day or short notice service availability.

We know very well that unforeseen situations can arise at any time. That is why we are always ready to render you professional assistance with our emergency service. Just consult with your personal account manager and they will make sure you’ll get your service as soon as possible.

Count on our responsiveness and flexibility as we boast 24/7 service availability! And you know that when we say something, we mean it! We would never promise something that we can’t fulfil.

Preferential rates for your custom-tailored property maintenance plan.

Your personal account manager will come up with an optimally efficient plan that caters to your specific needs.

And all services you get are at preferential rates so you get excellent value for money.

Dedicated and experienced service specialists

The technicians we send out are trusted, registered and fully qualified tradesmen. And they are all masterful at their respective trades.

So it doesn’t matter if you are getting professional cleaning, gardening, landscaping, or property repair - the specialists who will come to complete your service are highly skilled and all about good timekeeping!

You get guaranteed quality of service. Focus your efforts on growing business.

Enjoy a healthy and dust-free business property.

Each commercial after builders cleaning session, no matter how long or short, will adhere to all established safety standards in EU and the UK.

To ensure the wellbeing of everyone involved, each member of the cleaning crew will wear proper protection (construction helms, high-visibility vests, etc.).

They will also bring suitable industrial-grade machines and detergents to deal with the accumulated dirt, dust, and piles of rubble left by the construction workers. To bring the shine of your business premises back, our builders cleaning services also include:

Deep vacuuming and mopping of floors and stairs to deal with paint and plaster stains;

Internal cleaning of windows, sills, and frames to remove layers of dust and dirt;

Deep cleaning of skirting boards, doors, door frames, fixtures, switches, and sockets;

Deliming and de-scaling of kitchen and bathroom tiles;

Polishing and cleaning of all woodwork surfaces;

External cleaning of kitchen appliances;

Deep cleaning of toilets, sinks, and other bathroom fixtures;

Thorough cleaning of the entire property, including that of shelves, cupboards, and other furnishings (these have to be emptied out first).