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What is  different from the regular cleaning option?

The deep clean we offer are an ideal way of getting back on top of your cleaning. Your Clean Envy cleaners have extensive experience in cleaning all those hard to reach and out of the way places that sometimes get neglected.

As an example, we move sofa's, chairs and beds, wipe over door frames and skirting boards, dust blinds,etc. We recommend a deep clean before taking a weekly or monthly cleaning programme, but we are happy to offer on-off deep cleans without the need of you agreeing to further cleans. Contact us today for your personal and bespoke deep clean quote. 

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One-Off/Deep Cleans from Clean Envy. 

A Deep Clean or One-off clean by Clean Envy are proving to be one of the most popular options for customers who don't want  a regular weekly or fortnightly clean. 

The specialists will visit your home to give you a personal and bespoke quote and work can be carried out on a date and at a time to suit you.

As so many of our customers have busy lives, the option to have our team visit and within half a day or full day, we can leave your home sparkling and clean, leaving you precious time to spend with family and loved ones. 

So why not try one of our single deep cleaning visits as you are able to take this cleaning option without any further arrangements or agreements.

The price rates for our one-off cleaning service in Lancashire start from £18 per hour.

When is one-off cleaning needed?

There are various times when a one off deep clean is needed. We recommend you have a deep clean prior to booking a regular weekly or fortnightly clean. We offer pre-party and post party cleans. If you are incapacitated to for a while with illness or injury. During home renovation work or after the renovations are complete. There are also special times of the year when time may be short and help is needed to get the house ready for a family gathering or special occasions.  Once you have had a deep clean from Clean Envy you will find it much easier to keep on top of the cleaning. 

Further details about our one-off deep cleaning

This is our most complete package and offers an extensive and intensive cleaning solution. 

Our speciality when offering deep cleans is without doubt Bathrooms and Kitchens. Although these rooms of the home get extra special time and attention, almost all other rooms in your home will be cleaned by our team. 

Your customer care leader will be able to go into greater detail about what is entailed during our deep clean when we visit you to discuss your individual requirements. 

Contact us today on 01772 448582 to book your free no-obligation quote and we will be more than happy to provide you with a one off cleaning treatment.